New Members


The club offers swimming for all standards and ages from as young as 4 and caters for non-swimmers, competitive swimmers, water polo and Masters swimmers. The club welcomes swimmers with disabilities and has a Disabilities Co-ordinator.

The club is primarily a competitive club with the aim to ensure all swimmers meet their potential whatever their ability. The club trains swimmers to County, Regional and even National level.

Since 2006, the club has received the Sport England SwimMark, which covers standards and provisions for Coaches and Swimmers development, and club administration.

You are welcome to come and see us train in Summerfields, the best time is on a Thursday evening when all groups swim. Check our Training Timetable here.

A Bit More About Swimming

We provide a Teaching Group structure that maximises the pathway for competitive swimmers whilst ensuring there is a route for recreational/ fitness swimmers.

Our lesson plans meet the needs of each Group following the ASA National Plan for Teaching Swimming and Long Term Athlete Development principles.

We provide a yearly programme of internal fun competitions/ mini galas. As swimmers move through the Teaching Groups these become more structured to provide a progressive introduction to competitions (team and individual).

Pool time: Non-swimmers/ Beginners – 1/2 hour per week, Intermediate Swimmers (Groups 5 to 7) – 1 to 1 1/2 hours per week, Advanced Swimmers – 6 to 8 1/2 hours per week. Check our Training Timetable here.

Regular assessments, against set criteria to ensure each swimmer can understand their strengths and weaknesses in order to progress.

Land and gym training to compliment the water based training for Competitive Squads.

Club participation at team and individual external competitions.

How to Join

Non Swimmer or Beginner: Please complete this form and email us. We will contact you to set an assessment session, typically held on a Monday in Summerfields. Following this assessment, you will be given a start date and a Group.

Competitive or Master Swimmers: Please complete this form and email us. We will contact you to attend an evaluation/ trial session with the Head Coach, whom will judge each case on its own merits.

Guest Swimmers: Please contact us to discuss your situation and needs.